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fixed it
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In ur exams like


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This is beautiful.

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See the finished look above ^^^^

For the hair I used the tutorial here. I didn’t use any bobby pins but its basically the same and just add a headband of your choice. I also have really thick hair so mine got pretty big on its own.

I’m not that familiar with makeup terms so I’ve included pictures to help. (I apologize for the camera quality, I took the pictures with my phone.)

For the makeup you will need: 

  • eyeshadow
  • an eyeshadow brush (or whatever works for you)
  • mascara
  • eye liner
  • red lipstick

Ok so for the eyeshadow you really only need black and silver.

1) Mix the matte and the sparkly black and put it on your eye so it looks something like this (avoid the eyelid for now):

2) Next, take the silver eyeshadow and brush it on your eyelid like so: 

3) Put on some winged eyeliner (I used an eyeliner with a felt tip):

4) Slap on some mascara, upper and lower lash:

(personally, i’m not a fan of a ton of mascara but put as much on as you want)

5) Touch up any edges and your finished eye should look something like this:

(Bad picture, I know, I’m sorry)

6) Put on your lipstick:

Feel free to put some lip gloss over it to make it shinier, I don’t have any so I didn’t use it.

If you have blush I would recommend using some, but I don’t so I couldn’t.

I hope I’ve explained this well enough!

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